Whitney Morton

art, design, making things look good


About the artist

Whitney Morton Woodcock is an artist/actress/designer/director/photographer, who was born in San Diego, California in the mid-80s. She has also lived in (and drawn artistic influences from) Florida, Idaho, and Ireland. She currently lives in beautiful Tucson, Arizona, with her husband Brian, her stepson Chris, her son Stephen, and two spastic dogs named Madison and Scotty.

She graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Design in 2007, with a major in Illustration and a concentration in Photography and Digital Imaging.

When she's not painting or taking pictures of things, she can be found hanging out with her dogs, writing, directing and acting in local theatrical productions, cooking, Pinterest-ing, reading far more than is good for her, planning imaginary vacations, watching "Doctor Who," digging in her yard, and perhaps occasionally doing some yoga. (Though not all of these at the same time, of course.)

Her favorite foods at the moment are strawberries and tamales (occasionally at the same time).

You can find her pet portraiture business here: Maxfield & Madison.





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