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graphic design, website design, digital marketing


Work with me

I have worked with several businesses, small and a little larger, in a variety of fields. I help them develop their web presence, start or improve their social media, begin new advertising campaigns, and in general, make them look better for their clients and customers.

Good design is that extra something that can give you the edge and make you look more professional. You might not register it on a conscious level, but something in us, as consumers, takes well-organized visual information and processes it in a different way. When your website looks well-designed and put together, with everything clear and easy to access, customers are more willing to trust you.

It's like clothing - you wouldn't show up to work looking sloppy, so why do you let your website look cluttered or outdated? Just as you try to look your best, put your business's best face forward too, in your online presence and your business's branding and design.


What I do

Here are some of the ways I can help you and your business:

  • Graphic design: Anything from logo design, print ads, web ads, graphics for social media, signage, business cards and other marketing materials, even t-shirt and merchandise design. If it needs to look polished and smart, that's where I come in. Samples of selected previous works can be found here.
  • Website design: I am constantly trying to improve my skills at website design and keeping current with the new things that technology makes possible. I can take your old, boring-looking website and turn it into a work of art!
  • Marketing and Social Media: One of my passions. It's exciting to take a great product or service and help bring it to the people who will love it, but don't know they will yet. A strong social media presence is essential in our current market, and I have helped many businesses raise their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networks. Some examples of clients I have helped can be seen on the case studies page.
  • Photography and photo editing: I have a good eye for details that lends itself well to product photography (or headshots, real estate, or anything else you need to have good images of). Examples can be seen here.

For a partial rate table, click here.

To see what other people have said about how my services helped their businesses grow, have a look at my testimonials page.

Ready to enlist my help in making your business look 100% spiffier?

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