Whitney Morton

art, design, making things look good



"One of the most important people in our business…Her patience is incredible, she is level headed and thorough in her work, and her computer skills stellar, to say the least.  She has transformed our web site in to something we all can be proud of.  She learned ColdFusion just to operate [our site], which is no easy task.  She has grown our likes on Facebook to over 5000 people, which means more recognition and traffic, which translates into more sales.  With Whitney's business savvy and great computer skills she turned [a small] sale into a sale of $500.  We have a continual email campaign directed at boutiques and retail customers, and Whitney is the person in charge of that."
- S.L., client


"The first [design] she showed us, everyone loved. She also created a logo on the spot that was approved right away. She was in a room of 10 industry veterans. She blew it out of the park. Every single person said they were very impressed."
- W.B., client, ScreenVids


"Whitney has been one of Something Something Theatre's guiding lights since our beginning in 2015.  A new company in a town rife with others of its kind needs good graphic design and web development, unique logos and accompanying copy to set it apart. 

Ms. Woodcock is always pleasant to deal with. Her holistic framework and gestalt approach to her work, plus the ongoing innovations she provides for our social media and patron reach-out efforts are invaluable to us.  We're free to do our jobs with our minds at ease.
- J.O., client, Something Something Theatre